Accessible social media communications

March 23, 2021

In February 2021 I was asked by ELIEZ (East London Inclusive Enterprise Zone) to do a workshop on Accessible Social Media Comms. It was a great success and so they asked me to follow up with a Handbook "Accessible Social Communications".

Arthur Atwell, from Electric Book Works said

"I’ve just read through the guide and it is really, really excellent – thank you! We’ll be making it required reading for our team (in-house and freelance), not least because it’s the best single read on creating content for accessibility that I’ve come across. It’s both thorough and concise; both authoritative and effortless to read.And I won’t only be sharing it for how it increases access for disabled people. The guidelines simply make us all better writers and editors for everyone."

Supported by Bravand and presented as a Google Doc, it's 72 pages packed with useful advice. It starts by looking at how disabled people use social media. It then gives advice on how to deliver social media content that works for everyone.

I hope you enjoy it.