Grahams Consultants

June 22, 2019

Grahams Consultants started out as a one person business to write Regulation 44 reports for children's homes. As they grew, we realised that they needed a more consistent approach to their brand and print materials.

Starting with their original colour we looked for a symbol and font that would reflect their beliefs and values.

The tree logo in lilac with the name of the company below in Limelight font
Grahams Consultants logo
The Grahams Consultants logo tree in monochrome
Simple logo for black and white printing

We chose the font "Limelight" which has a feeling of the Art Nouveau architecture of Morecambe, where Grahams Consultants are based. It's a strong, distinctive font which has great impact.
We paired this with "Lato" a clear and easy to read font for all other text.

The tree logo brings a more simple touch to their original logo, but symbolises resolve, vitality, and well-being.

Grahams Consultants
For total confidence in providing effective support to build outstanding outcomes for Children and Young People

Along with the logo design, we also created business cards and print adverts.
Grahams Consultants works predominantly with children's homes, and they wanted their brand to reflect the young people looked after. By using stock images of young people from they can bring this feeling to their website without legal or privacy concerns.

Business card for Grahams Consultants
Business card
Print advert 1 for Grahams Consultants
Print advert 1
Print advert 2 for Grahams Consultants
Print advert 2