Building the best Local Offer

Accessibility law for 2020

  • Compliant by September 2020
  • Partner with CMS provider
  • Clear content

Publicising your Local Offer

  • Parents and young people
  • Home education
  • Off roll pupils
  • Professionals
  • Offline

Re-thinking your Local Offer

  • Content
  • Structure
  • Design

The Sebacic Vision

The Local Offer should be the place for families and professionals to come for useful information they need to make Education, Health and Social Care decisions for today and for next year.

Sebacic works with Local Authorities and Clinical Commissioning Groups to make sure the Local Offer is working for your families and professionals. We also advocate for more input from parents and carers and young people.

We've found that many Local Offers are

Sebacic can help


Accessibility and the Local Offer

A working partnership with your team and CMS provider to make sure your Local Offer is ready for accessibility law in 2020

  • explore design problems
  • co-production with parents, young people and professionals


Prepare your team with

  • Readability
  • Accessibility for the Local Offer
  • Publicity
  • User research

Online courses

  • Accessibility for the Local Offer
  • Readability

User research

  • understand your users' needs
  • work with parents, young people or professionals
  • do online surveys


  • social media
  • local area
  • through parents' groups
  • through young people's groups
  • where your users are

Accessibility highlights review

A review of

  • home page
  • landing page
  • info page
  • directory page

This is not a full accessibility and content audit.


Content design

Sebacic can

  • make Local Offer content user friendly
  • create a style guide
  • train staff

The Local Offer is used by...


  • to get information and support
  • to access provision of services
  • to make better decisions for their child
  • to connect with other parents and services

Young people

  • to gain high aspirations for an extraordinary life 
  • to take part in activities in the local area
  • to find out what support is available
  • to help siblings with a full family life 


  • to check up-to-date advice and regulations
  • to signpost parents and young people to services and support