Reading the Local Offer

People who use the Local Offer tell us that they often find it too complicated and full of jargon.

"Readability is Accessibility: The Local Offer" is an online workshop for people who write for the Local Offer. It will help you write clear content that's faster to read, and will get your users what they need faster.

The workshop has 70 small lessons, and you can discuss the ideas with other students.

Cost: £50 payable by purchase order.

Send us an email and we'll enroll you to preview some lessons.

The Local Offer is such a great idea. A portal covering educational, health, and social care from birth to adulthood. For parents and professionals working with children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities. And for the young people themselves.

It's been a huge job. Often under resourced. Usually put together quickly to hit the original deadline. And people worked hard and did the best they could under the circumstances.

Back then the idea of "content design" (using words based on user need) did not exist.  In this course I have used real examples from many different Local Offer websites to help people take a fresh look at the Local Offer and make it readable for everyone.

Jonathan Holden