Making the Local Offer user friendly

Let's help people use the Local Offer

The Local Offer is for

  • Parents and carers
  • Young people and their siblings
  • Professionals in education, health and social care

They all have different needs, and they all use the Local Offer their own way.

The Local Offer is a portal for special needs and disabilities. It is

  • information about services from the local authority and health
  • a directory of services, including local charities and businesses
  • links to government services  

People come to the Local Offer to do something.
They might want to

  • find concrete information about something like the Educational Health and Care plan
  • apply for a Blue Badge
  • find out if they are eligible for a Personal Independence Payment
  • browse for activities for their child next weekend

All of these services should be easy to find, thoughtfully displayed and simple to understand.

We've found many Local Offers are too busy, especially the home page. It's hard to see anything because there is so much there.

We'd love to help you think through your Local Offer as service

  • Work with users to help them on their journey through the website
  • Plan their route so that they can find what they need
  • Give users the answers they need quickly and calmly